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Norway 3

My son and I went on motorbike to Norway....

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Surviving Estonia

Every year we go to visit my wifes family in Estonia...

The hospital in Tartu, where Kelli's dad, Enn, was admitted after falling down from
a tree on his small farm. He broke his back, and may never be able to walk again.
He has been immobilised for just over two years now.

Every year she journeys to Tartu, Estonia, to visit what remains of family
and friends.

Her mum, Marie, died in 2003. 53 years old. She was a longtime alcoholic. She was
found in the apartment of her partner. Her heart gave up. There was also strong
physical evidence of her being beaten. She has found peace from a hard life.

Kelli with her granmum, Ruth. She lived a simple life. She had her little radio
she always listened to. Kelli grew up in this small apartment in the "wooden town"
of Tartu. She died in 2005.


Kelli on the porch of her dad's small farm. Tia, her stepmum, has for the
last two years been trying to manage all the work on her own. But it's too hard.
The few cows and chicken they had, has now been sold. She works in the local shop
a few days a week to be able to buy some basic food. Mostly she lives on the
produce she grows.


The kitchen.

Just on the edge of their plot, bordering to the forest; Siim, Kelli's
halfbrother, and their dad, build this sauna. It's a wooden shed with two rooms. 

Misha. The dog was shot by their neighbour as it attacked his sheep.

The russian era blocks where Kelli's granmum, on her fathers side, lives. 

Kelli's halfbrother.

Tia, Kelli and Siim.

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